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Visitation Girl Scouts is an organization for all parish girls divided into five age groups: Daisy (Grade K & 1), Brownie (Grades 2-3), Junior (Grades 4-5), Cadettes (Grades 6-8), Senior (Grades 9-10) and Ambassadors (Grades 11-12). Girl Scouting is a values-based organization and the Promise and Law provide the framework and ethical code. Girls learn about scouting, themselves, family, friends, community, and the world around them through fun and activities. The motivating force in Girl Scouting is a spiritual one: encouraging girls to become better members of their Church. Meetings are held weekly after school or in the evening. For more information, contact Erin Croushore at


Scouting is a youth organization available to boys between the ages of 11 through 17 that employs an exciting, action-packed program to promote character development, leadership, morals, citizenship and mental and physical fitness. The troop provides an active outdoor program including camping, hiking, rafting, horseback riding and skiing. The Scouts are taught skills which will remain with them for the rest of their lives, such as running effective meetings, leading organizations and teams, first aid, respect for nature, and how to handle themselves with confidence in the outdoors. The troop is run by experienced Scouts under the guidance of adult leaders. The troop meets once a week at Visitation, and embarks on a thrilling outdoor adventure each month. For further information, please contact Steve Campanella, Scoutmaster at 610-584-6992 or

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The purpose of Cub Scouting is to provide boys in grades K through 5 with enjoyable structured activities in which to grow and develop. Cub Scouts are divided into six groups by grade: Lions, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos 1, Webelos 2. The groups hold weekly meetings as dens and then attend a monthly pack meeting. During the year, each den works on achievements for individual awards. Other activities include Scout Bake-Off, Cub/Mom activity, Pinewood Derby (model car races), camping trips, Scouting for Food for the Hungry, and year-end picnic. Cub Scouting is family fun! Contact Kevin Dyson at 484-929-0450 or email or check out our website at for more information.