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Bible Study - Jesus Revealed -

Posted on September 06, 2017 in: General News

Jesus Revealed: Encountering Christ in His Biblical Names

Starts - Tuesday, Sept 19 @ 7:00pm in Visitation Junior High School Library
Contact Bob Hehn at or call 484-557-1371 to register.
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The Ultimate Bible Study

This Fall, join Dr. Paul Thigpen as he dives deep into Scripture from Genesis to Revelation to illuminate the many names of Jesus in Scripture and explain how each one reveals something new about Our Lord. Jesus Revealed, a new18-part program, is like no other Catholic Scripture Study.

Jesus Revealed is an engrossing exegesis of the entire Bible, focusing on the typologies of Jesus through 18 of his unique names. Fr. Jeffrey Kirby provides profound and practical spiritual insight to help apply what you’ve learned to your own spiritual life.

Throughout this 18-week biblical study from Saint Benedict Press and Catholic Scripture Study International, you will:

• Deepen your knowledge through expert Biblical exegesis on the person of Jesus Christ from Genesis to Revelation
• In-depth study of the typology of Christ in Scripture that will help you understand him more clearly
• An examination of more than 750 Scripture passages that will broaden your knowledge of—and deepen your love for—Our Lord

The full-color Study Guide ($36) contains:
• extensive biblical commentary with supplemental material for each session, including references to related passages in the Catechism of the CatholicChurch
• excerpts from other Church documents and the writings of the saints
• Glossary of key words
• beautiful sacred art
• and much more

This enlightening new 18-part study features stunning videos, dynamic new materials, and beautiful full-color Study and Leader Guides, while retaining the depth for which Catholic Scripture Study is known. Each session includes a powerful Teaching Video and Life Application Video, along with comprehensive biblical commentary and reflection questions in the Study Guide. The additional Living It Out element elevates this from the usual bible study to another level: a spiritually life-changing experience.