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Visitation’s Respect Life Committee was honored to read essays written by students who are firmly grounded in their faith and willing to stand up and speak for the Sanctity of all Human Life.  We received 39 essays (38 Visitation students and one Gwynedd Mercy student).   We are happy to announce the winners of the Annual  Respect Life Essay Contest.  

Sr. High School--1st Place--11th Grade Gwynedd Mercy Academy Student, Breanna Sundheim
Jr. High School --1st Place--7th Grade Visitation Student, Niwinski
Jr. High School--2nd Place--7th Grade Visitation Student, Amilyn Thomas
Jr. High School--3rd Place--7th Grade Visitation Student, Mary Grace Murphy  

The winning essays will be posted on Visitation’s web site.  Additionally, each essay contained a “nugget”—a basic truth, an expressed wisdom, a thought that captured the essence of Catholic teachings or a personal story that touched the heart.  We thank all of the students and encourage them to participate again next year.  We would like to share some of their thoughts.  More will be posted on VBVM’s website.  

Lily A.--[On considering an abortion] ”They might feel alone or scared, but they need to know there are people who can help them.” 
Alysson B--“Life is a gift, not to possess, but to share.”
Danielle C.--“In my life, the sanctity of life of the human person means that we were put on this earth to do good.  As children of God, we have to be able to respect and care for other people.”
Taylor C.--“Human life is sacred, and we have to protect our rights to life.”
Jordan C.—“Psalm 32:8 states that the Lord will guide you on the best pathway for your life.  His guide will help you but it is your own choice of how that pathway will be.”
Casey C.--“Everyone deserves life, no matter how small, how undeveloped, how much pain they are in, and any wrongs they have committed.”
Joshua D.—“Every person is unique because God gave us our gifts and talents, no one is replaceable.”
Ben F.—“I believe it is up to all of us to help those less fortunate and in need.  A little act of kindness can change a person’s outlook on life.” 
Grace F.—“The children are the ones that will carry out our legacy to the next generation when we die.”

We congratulate the winners and thank all students for contributing their well-expressed thoughts and insights.  We thank the parents, families and teachers who are committed to providing loving, faith-filled guidance and encouragement to the next generation.   

Visitation’s Respect Life Group  – Wednesday June 28, 2017 – 7:00 pm – Come along with us!  Meet Kate Chetta, Coordinator of A Baby’s Breath, 2062 W. Main Jeffersonville, PA. Kate will host a tour of the facility, provide information and answer questions about services and counselling provided to women and their unborn children.