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But sometimes age comes alone. An old folklore adage to be sure. But consider this: with care and feeding, our bodies mature and age and a certain amount of physical and practical life experience is gained in our years on earth.

But how would you describe your spiritual life if someone asked you? Could you in sincerity and truthfulness say it has developed, grown, matured over your lifespan? Or did you take it for granted that it would mature on its own, without any input from you? Visiting Jesus in our Perpetual Adoration Chapel may help you not only discern where you are now spiritually, but perhaps inspire you where to go from here. In addition, reading material, Sacred Scripture, prayers for guidance, asking fellow parishioners for prayer, these all await you in the Chapel. So does Jesus. He is especially waiting for you at these times:

Sun 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am, 1pm, 5pm;
Mon 12am, 3pm;
Tues 6am;
Wed 1am, 4am;
Fri 2am, 3am, 8am, 7pm;
Sat 12 noon, 4pm, 9pm, 11pm.

To volunteer, please contact:
Stephanie Russo at Thank you.