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As you have read in recent Bulletins, our Parish website has been updated in order to foster a greater, more vibrant community spirit within the Parish, using opportunities provided by improved technology.  One of the new facets of the website will allow parishioners to request prayers for special concerns or intentions. Those prayer requests will be transferred to an intention on box on the window sill of the Perpetual Adoration Chapel. Adorers are asked to check the box upon entering the Chapel and to select one of the paper slips with an intention. Prayers during their visit or hour could be offered for our brother or sister who is in need of Jesus’ help and Mary’s intercession. As a side note, the small Blue cards in envelopes in the reed basket in the Chapel, are not prayer requests. Some have mistakenly used them for that purpose. The Blue cards are Spiritual Bouquets where a giver offers their loved one an hour of Adoration as a gift. The Blue card is then given to the recipient, not left in the basket. Prayer requests are to come through the website as described in the bulletin or on the site itself. Thank you for your understanding. Our expectation is that we will feel closer through prayer and the special graces and bonding that happens through Adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Your visits are always welcome, but especially at these times:

Sun 12am, 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am, 1pm;
Mon 12am, 7am;
Wed 1am, 4am;
Th 7am, 1pm, 2pm;
Fri 2am, 3am, 8am, 7pm;
Sat 12 noon, 4pm, 11pm.

To volunteer, please contact: Stephanie Russo at 610-539-5920. Thank you