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Please note that VISI School FOOD FEST will now be held on Friday, May 19th, from 6-10 PM.  

We are less than 6 hours from our 1st annual Visi Food Fest. We wanted to share a few reminders for the event.

-parking will be available in the front parking lot only and in the surrounding neighborhoods.
-because of our limited parking we encourage all of our "local" visi families to walk or uber/lyft.
-there will be an Uber line in front of the main entrance to the school for those who choose to use their services.
-the event is open to the public.
-our professional face painter will only be painting from 6p-9p. There is no charge for the kids to have their faces painted.
-the gaming truck will be $5 for 15 minutes of play. If your child would like to continue to play after 15 minutes he/she will have to get up and get back in line, in all fairness to those children waiting to play.

We look forward to a wonderful fundraiser. See you soon



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