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A Message from the Pastor - Sunday Parking & Timeliness

The additon of 24 handicapped marked spaces near the entrance of the Lower Church appears to be working well. These spaces are for anyone who truly needs to use them: either because you use a cane or walker or if you’re bringing someone in your car that cannot walk long distances. This is all on the Honor System, meaning that it depends on people’s good will & compassion—so please do not take advantage of it if you are able bodied & have no difficulty walking. I have observed a continual pattern of many people arriving late for Sunday Mass, & also of leaving early—immediately upon receiving Holy Communion & before the final blessing—some rushing out of their pews in front of the priest & servers as they are coming down the main aisle. Let me please call this to your attention & respectifully remind you that such behaviors are rude & not betting the honor that you want to show the Lord in your 1-hour obligation to offer Him worship & sacrifice. Lateness is a very bad habit, & I call upon you to work it out so that you arrive in plenty of me before Mass begins, as well as remain at least until the dismissal is given. Let’s be on me to praise the Lord!