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Message from the Pastor On Where We Are Going:

My recent message of March 12th, outlining where we are heading, is provoking some good questions - a couple of which I want to clarify here. The Pastoral Leadership Plan created by the cohesive Leadership Team is a revisiting of our mission, purpose, goals & values. I am told that we last reviewed these things some years ago, so we are perhaps overdue to do so again. When I arrived here, I stated that I brought no pressing change agenda for my 1st year here, but wanted to experience a full year— learning about the parish culture & the Visi spirit. I also said that I would make changes that I deemed necessary in this first year, however; & I have done that—such as paring down the Mass schedules to reflect the fact that we are now a 2-priest parish. Now that I am here 9 months, there is a felt sense of wanting to move forward—but such timing was must wait until next fall, after my completing a full year here. With my earlier message, I wanted to communicate that there is a plan; & we will be moving forward in terms of some renewal & reorganization. All of this will be in conversation with the Parish Pastoral Council, which is a permanent & representative advisory body whose mission is the overall good of the parish.