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Fr. Bob's Corner June 26, 2022

Posted on June 23, 2022 in: Pastor

Fr. Bob's Corner June 26, 2022

Dear Parishioner,

May the Lord give you Peace and His Love!  Our good Lord has blessed our Parish at Visitation with great faith and tradition.  I am pleased to report that our parish is doing very well.  Our school and PREP program have just finished for the year and are heading towards the peacefulness of summer.  Our new garden, the “No Greater Love Garden”, has been created to help us come together to support the hungry in our community at large.  Hundreds of people have been involved and the vegetables have started to grow.  The garden was our first project of the year and it has been a resounding success so far.  Personally, it is beautiful to look out the rectory window and see people out in the garden at all times of the day.

Our second project this year comes from a common need that has arisen on our campus that everyone has had to face at one time or another - our parking lot, or the “Pave the Way Project”.  While the No Greater Love Garden is an easy project to get behind and participate in, the “Pave the Way Project” is a comparatively boring project.  Nevertheless it is a vital project that needs to be done.  I write to you today to ask for your financial support of this project.  The parking lot is used by everyone who steps on our campus.  It has been 30 years since our last time repaving the lot and parking lots usually last around 20 years.  For the last 10 years or so, the parish has been spending approximately $30,000 a year to simply patch the rough areas, however, it is time to repave the entire lot.  We will be able to save the parish $30,000 in annual upkeep costs for the next few years by completing the project now.  Primarily, though, it has become a safety concern for those who attend Mass, our children at school and at PREP, as well as the CYO teams and others who use the lot regularly.  We have received permission from the Archdiocese to move forward with our project and, after consultation with the Pastoral and Finance Councils, as well as many different paving companies, it is our intention to tackle this project by the end of the summer. 

Our parking lot is a major project.  The cost of the project will be approximately $400,000 and ideally will include all of the paved areas, as well as addressing some drainage issues on campus to ensure the longevity of the new lot.  On behalf of the Councils and myself, we understand the rising cost of everything in the world we live in today and the challenge this presents to our parishioners.  As an update and to illustrate why the Parish needs your financial support now - we have received less than $30,000 in Pave the Way donations.  So with the summer and rising costs ahead of us, I ask that you prayerfully think about supporting this necessary project for your parish as soon as you are able.  We can make our goal in many ways. One scenario is 800 of our parishioners donating $500 to attain our goal of $400,000.  But this is just one example, not a specific request. Another example is more than 800 families contributing less than $500 each. To help address the challenge, we are now offering a “donate over time” option by way or our parish electronic giving link as another way to contribute.  (For Electronic Giving, go to:, look for the Parish Giving Tree or “Parking Lot Project” and click.)

I want to thank you for ongoing support of Visitation Parish.  Our parish is doing so well because of the goodness of the people that comprise it.  I pray that you have a restful summer with your families and thank you again for your ongoing support.

May the Lord give you His Peace,

-Fr. Bob