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Posted on March 01, 2017 14:01

Not sure what to give up?  Check out "What to give up for Lent" for a Daily Sacrifice

We've put together a really cool list of things to give up; one for each day of Lent and they're all different! Some are easier than others, but each one will challenge the things that many of us take for granted. Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, or Subscribe to our Email List and we'll post a new sacrifice each day!


Still look for something faith-filled to do for Lent? Take part in the free video study series called The Bible and the Sacraments ( It’s the latest addition to the Journey Through Scripture program from the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology ( founded by biblical scholar Scott Hahn.

The 11-lesson series is being offered cost-free (the full DVD set normally sells for $99.95) to aid the faithful during the penitential season.

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