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Posted on February 25, 2017 11:48

LENT IS COMING & ALMOST HERE: Okay, folks, it’s almost time for our annual boot-camp when we strive to better whip ourselves into good shape spiritually, more so than at other times of the year. There are 3 traditional Pillars of the Lenten spirit, & they are: prayer, fasting, & almsgiving. During Lent, take more & better time for both personal & communal prayer—this includes availing ourselves of opportunities for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Fasting focuses our attention on that nourishment that leads us toward everlasting life, & that is not a good juicy steak, a handful of dark chocolate, or that 3-olive martini. Depriving ourselves both enables us to touch, in a simple manner, that chronic deprivation that plagues millions of our sisters & brothers worldwide; ideally, the monies saved from our giving up of this or that pleasure are put aside & contributed to the poor via Operation Rice Bowl or another worthwhile charity—which brings in our 3rd pillar—almsgiving. God has been so very good to us & now we are called to be generous sharers of His blessings with the less fortunate who are both close to home & far away. Please consult the Lenten leaflet that we mailed to your home, as well as our weekly bulletin—for any changes or additions. God bless our Lenten journey! 

A LITTLE LENTEN HUMOR: A bartender notices that every evening without fail, one of his patrons orders 3 beers. Eventually he asks the man, “Why the 3 beers?” The man says, “My 2 brothers are back home in different cities in Ireland, & we each promised to order an extra 2 beers whenever we drank to keep up the family bond.” Weeks later, the man only ordered 2 beers, & the bartender was alarmed. “I surely hope that you haven’t lost one of your dear brothers, with the 2 beers & all.” The man replied, “You’ll be happy to know that my brothers are alive & well; you see it’s just that I, myself, have decided to give up drinking for Lent!”

God Bless,
Father Terry

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