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Message from the Pastor - DISCIPLE MAKER INDEX SURVEY

Here is a wonderful opportunity for you to proactively offer your feedback that will eventually combine with others to help shape & form future directions within our parish; & it will only require about 15 minutes of your me & energies! It is truly an extraordinary thing when you are challenged/ encouraged/invited to give your direct input that will form future policies & programs for your faith community. It is perhaps a far easier thing to simply sit back & do nothing; & then prepare to later criticize those future new formations about which you declined an offer of involvement. Let me respectfully suggest that you really do need to participate in this important survey, so that you correspondingly protect your right to constructively criticize anything that comes from it in the days, weeks, & months ahead. You may complete the survey online, by accessing it via our parish website. If you do not have email or computer access, then printed copies are available in the rear of the upper & lower churches & also available at the rectory office. The deadline for completing the Disciple Maker Index Survey is March 6, 2017. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE--- take the me & offer your voice for the future good of our parish. Thank you so much for your participation in this endeavor!   

If you have not received an email from please go to and fill out the survey.

Thank you, Father Terry!