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Fr. Bob's Corner - April 10, 2022

Posted on April 07, 2022 in: Pastor

Fr. Bob's Corner - April 10, 2022

Happy Palm Sunday!!!  This is always a beautiful weekend.  The weather is starting to change and we get to receive palms at Mass and celebrate the Lord’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem.  Jesus has entered into the final stage of His ministry and everything He has ever done has pointed Him to this moment.  The people of Jerusalem, the same people who will in a week abandon Him, now treat Him as a king entering the traditional Holy City of Jerusalem, the very heart of the Jewish faith.  The people of Jerusalem lay palms at His feet as they worship Him as king.  We take palms home today to remind us of this truth - that while we do love God and worship Him as the people 2000+ years ago did, we are also sinful and weak and can abandon Him too.  It is a celebratory and humbling day for us.  But it is, at the heart of it, very Catholic.  Humility and joy are at the center of our faith - The Cross and Resurrection.  This weekend should just, simply, “make sense” to us.  So let us celebrate this great day and be humbled by it.

I would like, now, to shift focus to a couple of exciting updates around campus.  We have three big projects we are going to do this year.  The first two are well underway and the second will be beginning shortly.  So lets talk about one of them for a second.

The first project is one that started when I went to a nursing home to give last rites to someone about a year ago.  The dear woman’s daughter was a parishioner out in Chadds Ford at St. Cornelius and began to talk to me of a large garden that the parish built, taken care of by the parishioners, and the food that was grown was given to a local food bank.  It seemed like a great idea.  As Catholics, we are always looking for ways to show our love of neighbor.  We WANT to help other people.  Tithing is a very important thing because it helps our parish and school operate.  Works of charity are also incredibly important.  I am pleased to announce that we are going to build a large garden here on our property in order to feed the hungry.  The food we grow will go to the Patrician Society, to which we also give our dry goods.  Now, those in need will be able to have fresh produce as well.  It is great way for us to live out our faith and help those in need.  The location of the garden will be behind the church, up on the hill.  You will see very soon the construction of the garden, as well as, eventually, a 8 ft. deer fence in order to protect the food.  We have a garden committee that is comprised of about 12 people who I would like to thank for organizing this effort.  There will also be a deep spiritual aspect to the garden, with a large crucifix in the middle (arriving in about 3 months) as well as an outdoor Stations of the Cross area.  Also, there will eventually be the opportunity to have memorial benches around the garden.  It is our wish that in time, we will also utilize the greenhouse we have down at the school and be able to have a program to teach our students about growing food and the importance of charitable works.  Outside of church this weekend, you will see members of the committee who are able to answer questions and show you the garden plan.  You and your family will also be able to volunteer to help take care of specific areas of the garden.  You will also be able to donate to the garden to help defray the cost of building and maintaining it.  Please stay tuned for updates on this exciting project.

The other two big projects are coming down the road.  We have a lot of life here at Visitation and it’s a great weekend to celebrate that life.  May you and your families have a joyous weekend.

May the Lord give you His Peace,

Fr. Bob