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Fr. Bob's Corner - March 20, 2022

Posted on March 16, 2022 in: Pastor

Fr. Bob's Corner - March 20, 2022

This week we celebrate the Third Sunday of Lent and what a beautiful Gospel reading we have today.  It is so important to the Church that we meditate on the beauty of this reading.

We hear of Jesus coming to a well around noontime and meeting a Samaritan woman who is alone collecting water.  This may sound innocent enough to our ears but it really isn’t.  This woman is alone in the middle of the day collecting water, which was highly unusual.  Women would normally travel together for safety purposes and collect their daily supply of water early in the morning when the sun wasn’t beating down on them.  Also, this woman was a Samaritan woman, which meant that she was part of a people who intermarried with other faiths during the Babylonian Exile of 587 BC.  This meant that for any law-abiding Jew, she was to be avoided.  We can also assume she was an outcast of her Samaritan community because she was alone and gathering water outside the safety of the numbers.  Given the time period, Jesus really should not have been speaking with the woman at all. 

The woman is incredibly surprised when all of a sudden this law-abiding Jewish Rabbi begins to speak with her.  Even the disciples are amazed that Jesus is speaking with this women when they find Him.   His words are not that of correcting or judgment, but rather words of comfort and understanding.  He knows her.  He knows her soul.  This is the only thing that he cares about.   He tells her that He has the living water that will quench the thirst of her soul forever.  She asks Him to give her this water always. 

Jesus’ gift of living water is given to all people.  The life giving waters that flow from His sacrifice, from His side, are given to all of us to drink.  He does not care about political views or where you grew up or what the color of someone’s skin is - He offers this life-giving water to everyone equally.  As we go about this third week of Lent, let our prayer be to see other people through His eyes, even those people we cannot possibly understand or agree with. The life giving waters are offered to all people.  Our mission as Catholics is to take everyone we meet to that well, and let them quench the thirst of their souls in the waters that give eternal life.

May the Lord give you His Peace,

Father Bob