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Fr. Bob's Corner - October 3, 2021

Posted on September 29, 2021 in: Pastor

Fr. Bob's Corner - October 3, 2021

Fr. Bob’s Corner

The story of creation is an allegorical story meant to teach a lesson of God’s great love for the world through His benevolent act of creation. The story of God creating the world in 6 days and resting on the 7th and the story of Adam and Eve are not supposed to be interpreted literally, rather, they are meant to give us insight into God creating and man and woman living in God’s creation.

One of the main points of this allegorical story is that man was never supposed to be alone.  This should make logical sense to us. Probably the worst thing we can do to another person is to ignore them - to pretend like they don’t exist. Another way of saying this is to make another person feel like they are alone. We are not meant to feel alone.  This is why God created the different callings in life - married life, religious life, etc.   We are all called to live in communion with each other and with God.

Yet, I can’t help to pray with Jesus during His Passion. When Jesus is in the Garden and asks His disciples to stay awake while He goes and prays, and they fall asleep; or when He is arrested and they scatter; or when Peter is questioned about Him and He flat out denies He knows Him; or for the hours and hours of being tortured and hung upon the cross. All of these moments are moments of complete abandonment.  His closest friends left Jesus in His moment of need, and because of their sinfulness and weakness, committed probably the worst sin of all time - to make God feel alone. 

When we think about this and pray with this - a spiritual realization happens - there are times when we leave God to feel alone still. There are times when we don’t pray as we ought (aka spend time with Him and be with Him), times when we are like the disciples and abandon Him.  We are weak and sinful. We forget we are created to be in communion with Him and each other.

Now if we just stop there and watch from afar our Lord going to His death alone and wallow in our sins and weakness, we can very easily become depressed and fall into despair. Yet, He knew His disciples would fall asleep and abandon Him and deny Him - and He still chose to suffer and die and rise for them. He still chose to appear to them after and give Peter the keys to the kingdom. He still chose to send the Holy Spirit (the love between the Father and the Son) so that we can truly participate in the Holy Communion of the Blessed Trinity. How much our God loves us. How patient He is with us. How compassionate He is with our weaknesses.

We are never alone, even if we feel like we are. God is always there, loving us, sustaining us by His Body and Blood. We are constantly living in His creation as His beautiful, yet flawed, family. And how blessed are we to have this family at Visitation to lead one another deeper and deeper into the mystery of God’s great love.

May the Lord give you His,

Father Bob