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Fr. Bob's Corner - August 8, 2021

Posted on August 05, 2021 in: Pastor

Fr. Bob's Corner - August 8, 2021

Happy Summering!!!  It has been so nice to see everyone enjoying their summer break with their family and friends. 

I’d like to provide a couple of updates with things going around the parish:

        1.  The school staff is ramping up their efforts to clean the school and get everything ready for the return of our beloved students for the next school year. Yogi can’t wait to see the kids and every time he walks by the school he asks, “Are they back yet?” 
        2.  It has been a great joy having Fr. Mulranen here at Visitation and he has come back into our parish life with ease.  A lot of that has to do with how great our people are and how welcoming you have been. So, I thank you very much for that.
        3.  We have a committee that has, really, created itself and is looking into bringing people back into our parish family post-pandemic so stay tuned for some mailings and fun events coming up in the fall and winter.
        4.  In regards to some church things:  altar servers will return when school comes back. Please wear a mask in church if you are not vaccinated and it’s “dealer’s choice” if you have been vaccinated.  We will start processing from the back at the beginning of Mass and returning to a more “normal” routine at Mass.  Stay tuned with holy water.  And no, we can’t bless the hand sanitizer and use it as holy hand sanitizer.
        5.  Yogi is doing great. He is a solid 36 pounds now on his way up to 60 pounds when he’s fully grown. Thank you for being so good to him and taking care of him.  He’s having a little bit of a jumping problem right now when he gets excited and I am training him not to jump, so please just be mindful of that.  Eventually he will be trained and classified as a service dog, however he is not yet old enough to get his certification.  All in good time.

Have a wonderful summer and a friendly reminder to be grateful to our Lord for blessing us so much.  Take this time to “rest in Him” and also spend our free time in quiet prayer, maybe in adoration down by the school in the convent chapel.  Quick trips to just spend time with our Lord is always a nice thing to do.

May the Lord give you His peace,

-Fr. Bob