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Fr. Bob's Corner - July 4, 2021

Posted on July 01, 2021 in: Pastor

Fr. Bob's Corner - July 4, 2021

It is a humbling fact that God chooses the weak to shame the strong. It’s always been that way. In our first reading today, Elijah, a humble man, is chosen to be the mouthpiece of God and go to His chosen people and tell them to amend their ways. One man is chosen to go to hundreds of thousands of people and tell them they are in the wrong.

Think about an intervention with someone who is struggling with something. A group of people sit down with the person who is struggling and help them to see they need to change. It makes logical sense if done with right way with compassion. Not so with Elijah. One man sent to change the hearts of many.

But it doesn’t make logical sense. Why would God choose to do that?  Why would He choose the apostles and disciples who we not experts in ministering to other nor known for the preaching. They were known to be fishermen. Or tax collectors. Or sinners. Or women with medical conditions.

God’s logic even confounds Jesus own family and friends in Nazareth who grew up with Him. They know Him. Yet, they listen to His words and reject them and Him because it doesn’t make logical sense.

“Who has known the mind of God? Who has been His counselor?”  The mind of God many times does not make sense to us. And here is an important point for us: it doesn’t have to. We can bang our heads against the wall of understanding the mind of God as much and as hard as we want - but we are just banging our head against a wall with no purpose. We are just His creation. Held in existence by His mind - by His will.

We need to remind ourselves of our weakness, of our inability to do anything without the grace of God. To stay humble before Him. It is through this weakness that He always chooses to use in order to shame the proud and the strong, and to ring others back to right relation to Him. And when His will and His mind and His decisions confound us and defy logic, our only response should be “we are unprofitably servants Lord. Be it done unto us according to your word.”  Trust in His great love. Trust that He wants what’s best for us and desires to embrace us and our loved ones in His love.

May the Lord give you His peace,

Fr. Bob