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Fr. Bob's Corner - March 28, 2021

Posted on March 25, 2021 in: Pastor

Fr. Bob's Corner - March 28, 2021

Happy Palm Sunday!  Jesus’ triumphant entrance into Jerusalem.  It is this moment that He has come for.  As droves of Jewish people flood Jerusalem for the Feast of Passover, Jesus, too, enters into the holy city as people lay palm branches before Him to honor Him and the things they have heard of Him.  These are some of the same people who, in a few short days, will call for Him to be crucified.  He is followed by His apostles and disciples who will abandon Him in the garden of Gethsemane.  He knows all of this must happen.  It is for this purpose He has come.

And He still chooses to enter into Jerusalem.  He chooses to be treated cruelly, suffer tremendously, and be crucified by the very people who lay palms at His feet today.  It is this fact that can be so incredibly comforting to us - He KNOWS of humanity’s brokenness.  He KNOWS of the world’s persistent ability to abandon Him.  He KNOWS of our unworthiness.  Yet, He still chooses to save the world. 

Sometimes people will ask about family members who no longer go to church and have lost their way.  I’m pretty sure all of us can relate to this.  They no longer seem to care about following Him and seems like they don’t know God at all.  A lot of times these are people who have had a lot of Catholic education through the years.  The greatest comfort that you can have is this promise of God - that we can abandon Him and call for Him to be crucified in our soul (aka for Him to die out in our soul) - but He will never abandon us.  He knows our doubt.  He will never doubt us.  He knows we waver, yet, His overpowering love for us never wavers. 

We now enter into Holy Week and the very heart of this promise.  May we continue the good works we have done in Lent, and if we have messed up Lent and abandoned Him - He knows and is still loving us.  So let us humble ourselves and enter Jerusalem with Him, and, eventually, sit at His cross and know the all encompassing love of God.

May the Lord give you His peace,

Fr. Bob