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Fr. Bob's Corner - January 24, 2021

Posted on January 22, 2021 in: Pastor

Jonah is one of the worst prophets in all of the Old Testament.  God asks him to be a prophet.  He says no.  He tries to escape God (hilariously) and goes on a voyage.  He then is thrown overboard after the crew mates on the ship he is on discover that the reason why they are having such bad weather is because God is hounding Jonah to do His will.  He is then swallowed by a large fish (a whale).  He is then cast onto the shore of the Ninevites who are the worst people.  Finally Jonah agrees to do His will and go through Nineveh telling them to repent.  After doing that, Jonah goes up on a hill and prays for death after the sun is beating down on him too much.  He’s just the worst prophet.

The story of Jonah is amazing to contrast the prophet (usually the “good guy”) with the Ninevites (definitely the “bad guys”).  In this story - it is the bad guys who win.  Upon hearing the message of Jonah, the Ninevites immediately put on sack cloth and ash and repent from their ways.  Whereas, Jonah does nothing but complain. “Why God, why?” 

The fact is - we are more like Jonah than the Ninevites.  We consider ourselves the good guys more often than not.  We question God’s will, especially in the world in which we live right now.  We need not question the will of God.  He knows what He is doing.  Its always for our benefit and salvation.  Our only job is to be like the Ninevites and repent for being so stubborn.  For not being able to surrender to His will.  For not trusting.  Let us pray that He gives us the grace to be like the Apostles who in an instant followed Jesus.  In an instant, knew that their lives were touched and changed by God.  In an instant, knew how much they were worth and how much they were loved.

May the Lord give you His peace,

-Fr. Bob