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Fr. Bob's Corner - January 17, 2021

Posted on January 15, 2021 in: Pastor

God speaks to us.  He does!  It’s an undeniable truth.  The incredible volume of this world and it’s problems makes it nearly impossible to hear Him.

Notice where Samuel is when God calls to him.  He’s sleeping in the Temple.  We can all sympathize with that.  But he has been spending time with the Arc of the Covenant - the dwelling of God.  While he was in prayer, he passed out.  Samuel is so relatable.  He’s not perfect.  He can’t stay up all night with the holy dwelling of God.  Think of even the holy Apostles in the garden with the Lord Jesus - “Can you not stay awake with me?”  From Samuel to the holy Apostles on the eve of our Lord’s crucifixion - it is very difficult to simply BE with our Lord because we are sinful and not perfect.

Then God calls Samuel in his sleep.  And he doesn’t recognize Him.  He calls again and again until finally realizing it is God and says “speak Lord for your servant is listening”.  Two things:  God’s patience with him and us.  And Samuel being passive with God.  That means God is the one who acts.  Oh how beautiful to think of God as the one who acts in our lives.  He IS NOT supposed to be and IS not the passive one.  He is the one who speaks, gives grace, helps, answers prayers, gives peace, gives of His very self on the cross. And when we don’t see that - when we can’t hear Him - and fall asleep in our faith - or worse yet, think we are the actors and He the one who is passive - He is patient with us.  His patience knows no limits.

So let us pray to be passive before our God and ask the Blessed Virgin Mary’s fiat to echo in our hearts - “let it be done to me according to your word”.

May the Lord give you His peace,

Fr. Bob