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Fr. Bob's Corner (Sorta) December 27, 2020

Posted on December 25, 2020 in: Pastor

This Christmas season, let’s remember that we are called to be a people of Hope.  Our hope is in our Lord.  He made heaven and earth.  Of course, our hope is in our Lord.  It has to be, otherwise we couldn’t make it through our days.  It has been a challenge to remain hopeful this past year.  Whether we’re enduring the unpredictable storms in life or enjoying the stillness after the rains have passed, the peace of God’s constant presence lights our way through the darkness.  Our God will always be our strength, our refuge, our sustainer, and our deliverer.  Our God is Love incarnate!  He loves us beyond measure, without reserve.  He holds nothing back from us.  He has given us His only begotten Son!  May Christ be born anew in our hearts this Christmas season and throughout the new year. 

Spend some time thinking about what Jesus gave up to come to us.  Why do you think He did it?  It has to do with that four-letter word—LOVE!  The only reason we are able to love is because He first loved us. 

Something else to ponder:  “Father, they are Your gift to Me.  I wish that where I am, they may also be with Me” John 17:24.  Did you catch that?  You are a gift, God has given you to His Son!  Jesus receives you as a gift! 

New Years resolution...spend some time with Him, the One who loves you.  The only way to get to know someone is by spending time with them.  So, tell Him about your day, your concerns, your joys, accomplishments, sorrows, fears and what makes you laugh.  He wants you to go to Him.  Trust Him!

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, we place all our trust in you.

Mary Pat

             - We are still looking for volunteers to assist with live-streaming, contact Mary Pat at: 610-539-5572 or, if you are interested.
             - If you would like to place fresh flowers before our Blessed Mother at the Our Lady of Life grotto, call the rectory (610-539-5572) to sign up for a week.  Please use a local florist to support the community.