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Fr. Bob's Corner December 20, 2020

Posted on December 16, 2020 in: Pastor

Christmas is just a few short days away! Exciting.

     LOVE the first reading this week. It comes to us from the second book of Samuel. David has unified the people of Israel. It is the high point of the entire Old Testament. They have settled in the Holy Land, at peace, and numerous. David looks around and wants to do something nice for the Lord. The ark of the covenant, the dwelling of God, has been kept in a “tent of meeting” for centuries now - dating back to Moses receiving the 10 Commandments on Mount Sinai. The ark has been protecting them and leading them to the promise land.
     Now they are settled. They have received everything promised by God in the covenant. And David wants to now build God a permanent home - a Temple. And God says no. Wait. What? Why? It is something great that David wants to do for God - to allow the people of Israel to worship Him better and it is FOR God. God’s response to David is that He does not need a grand Temple. He is the one who has done all these wondrous things for the people of Israel and the Temple that is in the mind of David is just not what is in His mind. God’s ways are so much more spectacular than our ways. He tells David that a Temple will be built, but an eternal Temple. One that can never be destroyed or conquered (as the Israelite people will soon be conquered and the Temple that Solomon builds after the death of David destroyed).
     In a few short days, we welcome that promise of God our Father into our hearts that was given to David 3000 years ago. Emmanuel, God with us, has come. The Temple that can never be destroyed because it lives in the hearts of this family of faith. And we have fun, nice things to do these last few days to enjoy the Christmas spirit. They are a good as well - just as David wanted to build a Temple for the Ark was a good. The greater, no, the BEST good, is receiving the Lord as a grateful, rejoicing people this week, as Mary did at the Annunciation.

Merry Christmas to you and your families. May the Lord give you and your family His peace.

-Fr. Bob