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Fr. Bob's Corner - November 22, 2020

Posted on November 19, 2020 in: Pastor

Today we celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King - the weekend before we enter into the sacred time of Advent, where we prepare for His coming at Christmas. The reason why the Church gives us this Solemnity is to point us towards that glorious day in December.  It guides us as the star guided the shepherds in the field. 

He is not the king the Israelites expected.  They expected a king to rise up and lead the Israelite people to overthrow their conquerors - the Roman Empire.  Instead, the world received so much more.  He is the King that allows us not to overthrow the rulers of this earth but to overthrow the power of the evil through faith in Him.  We kneel at church to this King.  We worship Him.  We revere Him.  He is the King that leads us to Heaven.

This truth of our faith is vital to our spiritual life and especially as we enter into Advent.  To spend more time on our knees.  To pray more.  To participate in this beautiful Kingdom of God.  To prepare for the glorious coming of the King.

A Few Updates:

1. Live-streaming is operational and we are just working out the bugs.  We are in need of mature volunteers to run the live-stream.  If interested please contact Mary Pat at
2. We will be getting a new speaker system in church soon and you will be amazed at the difference in the sound quality.
3. The process to fix our electronic sign at the corner of our property will begin soon.
4. Our school is full virtual right now due to the increase in coronavirus in the area.  Please keep our students, families, and teachers in your prayers.
5. Follow the Star, Live Outdoor Nativity will take place Friday, December 18th from 7-9pm.  It is a drive through event.  Join your parish family and community in spreading some joy.  Sign-up now for a time slot to avoid traffic congestion,  Adult Volunteers are needed, please send an email to:  

May the Lord give you His peace, 
Fr. Bob