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Fr. Bob's Corner - October 18, 2020

Posted on October 15, 2020 in: Pastor

To borrow a phrase from our southern friends, “gosh golly almighty” fall is beautiful.  The color of the leaves and the cool fall air.  Great time for a nice fire pit at night.  One of the best times all year.  “He arranges the times and the seasons”. 

Everything is His.  The beauty of fall and the bleakness of coming winter.  Our very souls.  He never ceases to amaze.

The God who amazes also shocks the Israelite people in the first reading today from Isaiah. He calls King Cyrus His “anointed one”. (Anointed=chosen).  King Cyrus is a Persian king.  He is not an Israelite.  For God to choose someone of foreign blood to be His chosen one - the one who helps Israel - is a total shock to the reader of Isaiah and the Bible in total.  Israelite people did not marry outside of the clan, nor did they even seek out to speak to an outside group of people.  And here is Cyrus - God’s anointed.

One of the biggest lies of the devil today is that we are not worthy of God’s love.  You cannot be his chosen.  You are weak.  The things you’ve done when you were younger and crazy aren’t worthy of God’s love and forgiveness.  You can’t grow in holiness or draw closer to God because you’re not worthy.

But the blood of Christ makes you worthy.  The blood He sweated in the Garden.  The blood from His scourging.  The blood from His head when the thorns pierced His head.  The blood from His hands and feet and side as He is nailed to the cross.  The love of our God, washing away our unworthiness with His sacrificial life, engulfs us and makes us worthy IN Him.

You are worthy because of Him who loves us.  Be not afraid to grow close to Him.  Everything is His.  From the changing of the seasons to our very souls.  The beauty of fall pales in comparison to the beauty of your soul belonging to God.  Allow your soul to soak up this grace.

A few updates:

1. Our third graders received their First Holy Communion this Saturday.  Please keep them and their families in your prayers. 

2. Our Parish Mission was a huge success!  We had a great turn-out in person and on-line.  God asks us to be merciful, to forgive and be reconciled to those who have hurt us keeping our feet on the road to salvation and happiness in this life and the next.

3. We continue to work on live-streaming, we expect to be up and running any day now.

4. Church roof and capping repairs are underway.

5. School has hit a nice groove.  Please continue to keep our students, teachers and staff in your prayers.