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How About a Yellow-Green Phase?

Posted on July 04, 2020 in: Pastor

How About a Yellow-Green Phase?:  Some clarification is in order after I mentioned earlier that we would return, schedule wise, ‘full tilt’ upon our entering the Green phase. After some conversation, we decided to proceed but with continued caution, hence the blending of the 2 colors—yellow & green. We are monitoring the numbers by conducting a weekend ‘head count’ of how many people are coming back to church for weekend Mass, & the numbers thus far have been consistent; so we will remain thru the month of July with our 3 weekend Masses (Saturday 5:15 pm. Vigil & Sunday 8:30 am. (live-stream/video-taped) & 10:30 am.—all in the Lower Church. Likewise, thru July, our weekday Masses will remain Mon/Wed/Fri at 7 am. in the Lower Church. We anticipate that come August, we will move to 4 weekend Masses: 5:15 pm. Vigil Mass in the Upper Church, & 3 Sunday morning Masses at 7:30 am., 9:00 am., & 11:00 am.—all in the Lower Church. Daily Masses 6 days per week will resume on Monday, August 3rd, with resumption of our normal weekday schedule: 7 am. on Mon/Wed/Fri & at 8:15 am. on Tue/Thu/Sat. While the archdiocese earlier indicated that wearing a mask is highly recommended & therefore no longer mandatory, the state of Pennsylvania has imposed public mask wearing for everyone as mandatory—so this may change back & forth as the numbers of infections vacillates. Thanks for your patience & attention to these varying & hopefully not too confusing changes of schedules as we move from more to less restrictions. Please continue your vigilance so that we may keep on improving.