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Message from our Pastor June 16, 2020

Posted on June 16, 2020 in: Pastor

Dear Friends,

Our due diligence has been rewarded with our progressing to the Yellow Phase, which allows for us the opportunity to gather for Mass once again, albeit with full face masks & the practice of social distancing—except for immediate families together. There is even exciting talk that we may get to Green before July 4th!

I am noticing a few people here & there without a face mask covering their nose & mouth—both at Mass as well as during Eucharistic adoration; & I must reemphasize that if you are unwilling to comply with the stated protocols regarding such things, then you are not welcome to join us in church—period!

I understand that face masks are uncomfortable—personally, I hate having to wear one in public, especially if I’m moving: like shopping at the grocery store. But it’s not just my own health that I want & need to protect & safeguard: it is your health & well being additionally--& that of all our sisters & brothers in the Lord.

Going forward, if you present yourself in either of our churches without wearing a face mask, you will be asked to please leave immediately & not return until & unless you comply with the regulations. As of now, the obligation to attend weekly Mass remains suspended by the archbishop; so if it continues as too uncomfortable for you to wear a full face mask, then please stay at home & watch our weekend celebration of the Mass on the parish website.

This is about some personal self-discipline & sacrifice for the sake of the greater common good, & we owe it to ourselves & to one another to be diligent & careful in the precautions that we are taking. Personally, I’m not interested in hearing any nonsensical talk about how the state is over-reaching & restricting our rights—we need to have & maintain healthy lives first, in order to be able to pursue the blessings of liberty & the pursuit of happiness. 

All of what I am reemphasizing is supported both by the state of Pennsylvania as well as by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.  We need your cooperation & vigilance in order to keep ourselves safe & well & get us back to some semblance of normalcy—or perhaps it will be a new-normal toward which we’re moving.  Thank you for taking these things seriously as we work together as a parish community!