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Posted on May 06, 2020 in: General News

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Series: The Search - Why are We Here? What's Life All About? What Happens When We Die? (Starting May 6)

The Search is an innovative video series that tackles the key questions of every human heart. In seven beautifully filmed episodes, Chris Stefanick and experts from multiple fields of science, medicine, psychology, art, and religion examine our place in the larger story of existence.  Whether you’re a practiced inquirer or a jaded skeptic, The Search will speak to you. You may be reassured by some parts, and challenged by others. Either way, you’ll find a lot here to think about. And when all is said and done, life’s questions demand to be answered.  Are you ready for The Search?

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To view the trailer and briefly preview each of the 7 episodes, CLICK HERE.

For FREE downloadable discussion questions & promotional material,CLICK HERE.

Starting May 6, 2020, begin watching the series with the first episode FREE CLICK HERE