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Holy Week/Triduum Liturgical Update, March 31, 2020

Dear Friends,

The evolving situation with the spread of the pandemic requires of us enormous flexibility to shift & pivot as circumstances require.  There is some alarm as to distributing blest palm branches & also food for the Easter meal as they could become a means for the transmission of the virus.  Consequently, we will not distribute any blest palm branches until it is entirely safe for us to do so.  We will store the blest branches in refrigeration so that they may be given out at a later time.  I am canceling the Holy Saturday blessing of foods this year also because of potential infection concerns.  I know that this is disappointing for many of us & I wish that it could be otherwise.  God forbid, however, that our liturgical practices be a source of possible infection & transmission of this awful bug we are all working so hard to distance & eradicate.  I invite you to invoke God’s blessings at your family dinner tables before enjoying your Easter Sunday meal—be assured that God responds to your prayerful appeal.  Blessings to all of us for a good Holy Week!