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Dear Friends,

We are living in unprecedented times with the potentially life threatening Coronavirus, & I hope that you are taking every precaution possible to keep yourself & your family members healthy & safe!  Please be assured that I am praying for us, asking our dear Lord & His Blessed Mother to spare us further scourge from this invisible enemy.  I invite you to join me in such prayer.

In order to more easily facilitate opportunity for personal/private prayer, I am moving the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament from our perpetual adoration chapel between the hours of 8 am. until 8 pm. to the Lower Church.  It will be returned to the chapel at 8 pm., & adorers whose hours are between 8 pm. & 8 am. the following day will still worship in the chapel & need their key fob for entry.  The chapel is too small & confined for people to practice “safe distancing” in order to prevent from becoming infected by the virus. 

The parish is not shutting down—at least at this point in time.  Please God, it will not come to that—but it has in other places, like the diocese of Rome, because Italy has been so hard hit by this germ.  The parish is, however, doing things differently—because we are forced to by the directive to suspend all gatherings of people, even smaller ones.  So this opportunity to come to the Lower Church for adoration is being made for individuals only & not any group/s. 

If you choose to come to church to pray, please be sure to keep a safe distance from anyone else who is present.  A minimum of 6 feet apart is good; but even further distance is better.  We may still communicate with a smile or wave, a nod of the head or a slight bow.  We are social people & this is hard for us. 

I am hoping to continue taping the weekend Mass & posting it to our website.  The Scripture readings may be found on the US Bishops website, & our school website has a link for daily Mass with Bishop Barron.  Let us pray for one another!