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Mother's Day and Parish Center

Posted on May 10, 2019 in: Pastor

On this blessed Mother’s Day weekend I hope we all take the time to honor our Mothers this day and throughout the course of our daily activities.  Our namesake, the Blessed Virgin Mary, gives us the highest example of grace to live by, and it is through her intervention that we are reminded of the importance of honor and grace in all that we do.   So a happy and joyful Mother’s Day to all of the Mothers in our community!

On evening of April 23rd, just following a blessed Easter Weekend, we held our first of several information nights regarding the Parish Center project. This evening was particularly valuable to me as your pastor, as it provided me the chance for a much needed “reset” on this project, and it provided me with much needed input from and collaboration with you, our parish community. That evening we began a new journey to deliver a Parish Center for our parish community.  It also allowed me the chance to see and hear your thoughts, concerns, and needs on this topic – something I have been reflecting and praying on since…  Thank you to those of you who were able to join us and contribute that evening, in the coming weeks we will be publishing the materials presented, questions posed, and the minutes of the evening on a new section of our website dedicated to this project, allowing yet another way for us to stay in touch.  In the spirit of “Moving Forward”, an objective reviewed that evening, I want to take the opportunity to further clarify and more broadly communicate a few topics discussed that evening.

Regional parish planning is a difficult and stressful topic occurring throughout the archdiocese in different regions at different times.  While our Norristown region has not had to deal with this again recently, we are aware that it may eventually come our way again. However, please let me clarify that we don’t yet know for sure when that will occur and how it could impact us.  Including this as one of many factors for acting on the Parish Center now is prudent, but it is a topic we need to continue to monitor with the Archdiocese’s input.

For many years now, Visitation has been considering this project due to a number of factors, another being insufficient space for our many parish ministries and to provide a dedicated and appropriate space for various uses. Our goal is to position Visitation for long term success, and if the archdiocese decides to restructure our region these actions should further establish our value to the area.

To be very clear – there are no plans whatsoever that a merger of regional parishes is imminent.  Only after the process of regional planning unfolds will there be any sense of clear direction, and that will be at the direction of the archdiocese.  Rumors about Visi absorbing one or two area parishes (such as our neighbors, St. Titus and St. Teresa), are untrue.  Time and careful planning will reveal how we will be moving into our future as local parishes. 

As I have committed recently, you will continue to hear from us on these topics in support of clear and meaningful communication.  To maintain our productive path, I ask that we together embrace this commitment to nothing less than meaningful and constructive communication, and I welcome your continued input to improve our final plans on this critical project.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support on this project and for my constant service as your pastor.

God Bless You, Fr. Terry