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Are you ready for them at Easter?    
Many inactive Catholics will be in your pews…

Many of us spend a lot of time (and prayer!) thinking about how to help inactive Catholics reconnect with their faith. At Easter Mass, many of those inactive Catholics will be in your pews!   

What small things might you do before and after Mass to "cast your net" and try to connect with those who have not been to Mass in awhile?  Remember, you don't need to convert anyone on the spot, what you need is simply the beginning of a relationship, a first connection. For example, collect email addresses for personal follow-up, issue an invitation to a relevant event at the parish a week or so after Easter, hand out a good book that can help someone start asking questions about God. Ask the Holy Spirit, "How do you want our parish to extend a hand to those in our Easter pews who need You?"  Be on the lookout for His response!   Click here some some suggestions from a few of our local parishes.   

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