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Fr. Bob's Corner January 15, 2023

Posted on January 12, 2023 in: Pastor

Fr. Bob's Corner January 15, 2023

The Christmas Season has ended and now we have a few weeks until we enter upon the Lenten and Easter Season. Time to take a breath and enjoy the ordinary of Ordinary Time.

I’d like to provide some updates on the goings on around campus, seeing as we haven’t done that in a while:

1. A few months ago, our Larkin center flooded and we decided it was time to use our insurance company to provide a face lift to that meeting space. A new floor and new cabinets are in the process of being installed and should be completed within the next couple of weeks. No more carpet. Thank God.

2. Our website is currently also being revamped so please check up on that in the upcoming weeks and months.

3. The garden committee is hard at work preparing for the spring. Just a reminder that we grew close to 3,000 pounds of food last year to feed the hungry and all of it was used. It’s a great initiative for our community. Please put in the back of your mind helping out with the garden and feel free to invite others.  Planting day will be Saturday, May 13.  Plans are also underway to utilize the greenhouse down at school and we are developing a program to incorporate our students in the project.

4. Our school and PREP continues to thrive and the students are wonderful. They are at the heart of our parish as they are our future. Please continue to keep them in your prayers and know of their (and my) gratitude for the ongoing financial support to keep our youth at the heart of our community. Our teachers and administrators are all top notch and love VISI - so please keep them in your prayers and thank them whenever you can.

5. Last year, we set out to make three things possible: the garden, the Pave the Way parking lot project, and a pavilion to be built to add more meeting space on campus. We completed two of the three major projects which were a huge success. The pavilion project is simply on hold right now, but still in eyesight. Speaking of projects, I am aware that our upper church needs work done to it - pews, kneelers, the carpet (again with the carpeting). It is also in eyesight now and we will begin to explore that soon as well.

6. Fr. Sean English and myself will be running a trip to the Holy Land in November. Many people have already signed up for the trip as it is a great opportunity to grow closer to our Lord. I went to the Holy Land about 6 years ago and it was a trip that is unlike any other. Getting off the plane and arriving in the Holy Land, there was just something immediately different about it. It was the place our Lord chose to show to the world the glory of the Father. It is truly a remarkable experience. So please consider going. We will have an information night in the spring so please stay tuned for a date for that.

That is enough for now. God bless you and your families and remember how blessed we are to have our VISI family. May you have a grateful week.

May the Lord give you His peace,

-Fr. Bob