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Fr. Bob's Corner October 16, 2022

Posted on October 12, 2022 in: Pastor

Fr. Bob's Corner October 16, 2022

Happy Sunday! As I write this, the Phillies and Yankees are about to play their first game in their respective playoff series.  Best of luck to the Phillies as they face the Braves. Remember - Yogi is not named after a cartoon bear.  He is named after Yogi Berra, a famous Yankee catcher. So if you love the dog, you by extension love the Yankees.  You are then required to root also for the Yankees. Just saying. 

In our first reading this week, Moses and Joshua are raging war against a people near the Holy Land, right before they travel into the Holy Land to conquer it. They are near the end of their 40 years in the desert. Moses and his staff, the one he uses to strike a rock to produce water at the command of God, represent God’s power and support during the battle. As Moses lifts the staff in the air, the Israelite people are winning the battle. But as he grows tired, his arms weaken and as his arms drop, they begin to lose the battle. So they have two people hold his arms up while the battle rages on, and they eventually win. 

Lately, I’ve been praying a lot on the thought of support. We have our family and friends who love us and support us. We have our beloved parish family constantly in prayer.  We also have angels and archangels, guardian angels, saints, our Blessed Mother, and the Blessed Trinity surrounding us and supporting us.  Why does it sometimes feel, that in the state of the world, our souls feel weighed down just like the arms of Moses.  We don’t feel that sense of support and encouragement; rather, our hearts feel heavy. 

Do you know how supportive you are?  You don’t have to do this by yourself.  Sometimes we need to breathe and lay down the burdens we carry and let the ones supporting us (both those seen and unseen) lift up our soul so that the battle may be won. Please don’t misunderstand - there are times to fight the battle and a call to action is required in this constant battle of heaven vs. hell. But there are also times when we MUST rely on our support and simply BE. Be with our family and friends, be with our parish family, be with our Lord. No words or actions. Only breathing, humility, and reliance on the other. It is not a sign of weakness but one of submission of our will into His Will. 

Our Gospel this week shows the importance of prayer and trust in our Lord.  Jesus offers a parable to educate His disciples on praying without becoming weary - to pray unceasingly. Prayer is not the same as what Moses is doing lifting his arms in the first reading.  Prayer is, at its very core, simply being with God. Knowing He is there with you and that He will conquer any evil that exists in this world.  This week, spend some more time just being with Him. Breathe and let the tremendous support you have around you permit your soul to rest in Him. Then after you are refreshed and nourished, go back out into the battle, but know this is a battle already won at the Cross. Know of the army of support you have. Be confident in your faith and trust in your God. May you have a wonderful week. 

May the Lord give you His peace,

-Fr. Bob