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Fr. Bob's Corner August 21, 2022

Posted on August 21, 2022 in: Pastor

Fr. Bob's Corner August 21, 2022

On behalf of Father Mulranen and myself, we pray that you and your families have had a restful and joyful summer.  It’s almost time to go back to school and Yogi can’t wait to see the kids. He walks by school and shakes his tail but gets disappointed every time we keep on walking.  Speaking of walking around campus, please take care when driving in and out as the parking lot is in the middle of being paved.  It will be completed by August 28, but in the meantime there will be areas closed off that are being worked on so please take care.  We also ask for your patience during this time as traffic will build up from Trooper and Chestnut Roads.


If you haven’t seen the garden lately please stop by.  We have so many fantastic parishioners who every week maintain and harvest the garden.  On Wednesdays evenings, they harvest the food and then it is weighed and brought to the Patrician Society Thursday morning. Last week alone over 200 pounds of food was harvested.  I’m praying that many of our tomato plants don’t come into harvesting until the kids come back from school - the tomato plants the kindergarteners (now old first graders) planted are thriving!   Also, please stop by the garden and walk around to see the crucifix and pray. It will be a wonderful prayer garden as well.


This weekend’s reading is all about striving to be about the Kingdom of God - to be intentional in our faith.  Our Lord speaks of “entering through the narrow gate”. There are many different choices for us to make today.  Our kids are in 400 different programs and it is quite easy to be entertained.  There are many “doors” to choose from.  May we be striving to enter through the right one - the one that leads us to our Savior. He calls to us everyday.  My prayer for you this week is that we are not too busy with the stuff of life that we don’t hear him calling us to a close relationship with him.


May the Lord give you His peace,

Fr. Bob