Posted on July 31, 2018 13:10

In his most recent column Archbishop Chaput writes, “Predictably, as soon as Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement earlier this summer, pro-abortion groups began lobbying the U.S. Senate hard to reject any nominee who might question or oppose Roe v. Wade. The irony here is exquisite. In past elections, abortion advocates have piously lectured Catholics to avoid making the abortion issue a “litmus test” in rejecting candidates for office. Now – no surprise -- many of the same abortion advocates are doing exactly what they warned us not to do: making abortion a litmus test in rejecting Supreme Court nominees. The double standard is obvious. We need to contact our Commonwealth’s two U.S. Senators (Robert Casey, Jr., and Patrick Toomey) and urge them to resist such lobbying. And just as importantly, we need to pray.  Senator Casey can be reached at 393 Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510, (202) 224- 6324. Senator Toomey can be reached at 248 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510, (202) 224-4254. Each can also be contacted through the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference at

Each Friday, from August 3 to September 28, 2018, the Church asks American Catholics to join in a nine-week effort of prayer, fasting and education that a change in the U.S. Supreme Court will move our nation closer to the day when every human being is protected in law and welcomed in life.
As part of a U.S. bishops’ national ‘Call to Prayer,’ participants can receive weekly prayer reminders by text message or email. In addition to fasting on Fridays, participants will be encouraged to pray one Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be for this intention and will receive important facts about how Roe is not health care, is bad law, and fails women.”  It is urged that all Catholics in the Greater Philadelphia area to sign up at for this effort and the continuing Call to Prayer initiatives.

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