What is the Pastoral Council?

Established to act as representatives of the entire parish in expressing opinions and concerns to Father Bob, our focus is "pastoral," in other words the spiritual care and guidance of this parish. We are not a legislative body, finance, grievance committee, social committee, or administrative body. We are strictly a consultative body. That means our single purpose is to advise Father Bob -- after very careful consideration of an issue. This takes time because the council's goal is always to reach a decision through consensus or general agreement. Once a decision has been made to move ahead on an issue, it requires active participation of the entire parish in the areas designated for change or improvement. For further information, please contact Joe Pizza 484-614-2832

Who is on Pastoral Council?

Our Pastoral Council is comprised of parishioners who are elected by the parish, appointed by the Pastor, and ex officio parish staff members.  The Pastoral Council members assist the Pastor by being available to the parishioners for their concerns and suggestions.  It is strictly a consultative body which means the single purpose of the Council is to advise the Pastor after very careful consideration of an issue or parish needs.  
Chairman: Rev Robert Gross, Pastor – 610-539-5572
Facilitator: Joe Pizza 484-614-2832

2020-2021 Members: Deacon Vince Drewicz, Deacon Patrick Mandracchia, Matt Joram, Sister Diane Marie Corrado, CSFN, Joseph Gavanus, Patrick Hopkins, Nancy Lake, John Larcinese, Mary Pat Reuther, Barbara Siso, Roger Tartaglia, Sallianne Tschoepe and Domenic Zampogna