Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth Who Serve Past and Present

Luke 1:74 “…to grant us that we, being rescued from the hand of our enemies, might serve him without fear”

We are thankful for all of our sisters who share their care and devotion with us.

Our Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth

Mission Statement

We, the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, an international apostolic congregation, believe that the Holy family of Nazareth:

• Three persons in communion with God and one another,
• Obedient and faithful to the will of God,

reveals to us the profound reality that God is present in the most simple and ordinary experiences of human life.

This vision, which so captivated our Foundress, Frances Siedliska (Mary of Jesus the Good Shepherd), is the source and inspiration for our life and service. Sharing Jesus’ mission of spreading the kingdom of God’s love, we engage in a variety of ministries with and in the Church.

Mindful that it is in an environment of love that persons come to the fullness of life, we witness a family spirit among ourselves, and are dedicated to the moral and religious renewal of family life. We are committed to creating communities of love and hope which celebrate the oneness of the human family.

Parish Sisters who have served Visitation B.V.M. Parish over the past 53 years:
(* Deceased)
(+ Former principal)

Sister Diane Marie (Current School Principal)
Sister M. Aloysine*
Sister M. Amarilla*
Sister M. Anastasia*
Sister M. Aurea
Sister M. Auxilia*
Sister M. Bernadette
Sister M. Bernard
Sister M. Boniface*
Sister M. Bonita*
Sister M. Bronislas*
Sister M. Chrisanne+
Sister M. Clarissa+
Sister M. Winifred Cook
Sister M. Cyprian*
Sister M. David
Sister M. Margaret DeSales
Sister M. Bernadette Donahue
Sister M. Martin Duffy
Sister Edmundline*
Sister M. Georgia*
Sister M. Germaine
Sister Mary Jane Hahner
Sister M. Jane Harriet
Sister M. Honoria*
Sister M. Irmina
Sister Mary Joan Jacobs
Sister M. Januaria*+
Sister M. Jeanette
Sister M. Joan
Sister M. John
Sister M. Jolancia*
Sister M. Julia*
Sister M. Frances Kowalski
Sister M. Lawrence*
Sister M. Louise
Sister M. Marcella Louise
Sister M. Marceline+ 
Sister M. Marcella
Sister Caroline Marie*
Sister Claire Marie
Sister Peter Marie
Sister Sophie Marie*
Sister M. Katherine Marnien
Sister M. Maureen*
Sister Maria Annette Mellon
Sister M. Mercedes
Sister M. Michaelann*
Sister M. Patrice
Sister M. Philomena*+
Sister M. Evangeline Piorek*
Sister M. Pulcheria*
Sister M. Raphael*
Sister M. Rose*
Sister Mary Rose*+
Sister M. Ruth
Sister M. Celeste Slowik
Sister M. Sophia+
Sister M. Stephanie
Sister M. Evangeline Sullivan
Sister M. Sylvia*+
Sister M. Susan Therese
Sister M. Winifred