Militia Immaculata


Militia Immaculata (MI) was establishes on March 19th, 2002.  MI members consecrate themselves to the Blessed Mother and routinely visit prisoners and the sick, feed the poor, and distribute Miraculous Medals as a means to Evangelize.  The main goal of MI members is to bring souls to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through a total commitment to Our Lady.  

If you want addtional information or interested in joining:

Contact Joe Valovage (610) 630-6070 or email:

The Militia of the Immaculata (MI) is an evangelization movement founded by St. Maximilian Kolbe in 1917 that encourages total consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary as a means of spiritual renewal for individuals and society with their main mission to bring souls to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The MI movement is open to all Catholics. It employs prayer as the main weapon in the spiritual battle with evil. MIs also immerse themselves in apostolic initiatives throughout society, either individually or in groups, to deepen the knowledge of the Gospel and our Catholic Faith in themselves and in others. 

MI movement was formed at Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary on March 19, 2002, by Joe Valovage with the blessing of Monsignor Thomas Murray. 

What is Expected

MI members are required to attend bi-monthly meetings (prayer, strategy, etc.). They are also asked to do a community service assignment on the months they do not attend a meeting. Members distribute Miraculous Medals (a sacramental used by Saint Maximilian Kolbe) as a means of evangelization. St. Max referred to these medals as "silver bullets". We recently distributed approximately 15 silver bullets to parishioners involved with Operation Iraqi Freedom. I am not aware of any people harmed under the loving protection of Our Queen. Each member is requested to write a short story on what the Blessed Mother means to them. We are keeping these short stories in a "Memoirs to Mary" log. 

Calendar of Events

  • March 1st - Ash Wednesday Holy Hour to include benediction, rosary, stations, 7 last words, distribution of ashes
  • March 18th - St Joseph Holy Hour and close with benediction       
  • March 19th - Annual St Joseph Table Celebration held at School Gym.  This parish function benfits the works of the Missionary of Charity Sisters in Norristown, PA
  • April - Prayer and Share meeting - guest will talk on 3rd Order Franciscans 
  • June -  Prayer and Share meeting - guest will talk on stewardship
  • August 8th- Special Guest - Meghan Cokely will talk on inter workings of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia
  • September 5th - Anniversary mass celebration for St Teresa of Calcutta at St Patrick's church in Norristown, PA
  • October 14th - Annual pilgrimage to Charlotte Hall, MD (anticipate 80 people to attend)  Plenary indulgence can be attained for this event. 
  • December 9th - Advent day of reflection with Missionary of Charity Sisters in Norristown, PA

We also have the following ministries:
Visit the sick & dying
Prison ministry every Thursday afternoon with Seminarians from Philadelphia 
Aid to the poor in Norristown
Distribute silver bullets

Offical Website -

Saint Maximilian Kolbe & Militia of the Immaculata