National Vocation Awareness Week is upon us, the Seminary Appeal will have seminarians visiting parishes across the Archdiocese, and the Called by Name program kicks into action.

Behind the scenes, the Vocation Office is preparing for more activities throughout the year, so check out the dates of 2020's summer camps and discernment opportunities. Make sure to review the dates for the upcoming Come and See Weekends, as well - the first High School weekend is just a month away, so register now.

As ever, we thank you for your continued support and promotion of Vocation Office events and activities in your community and around the Archdiocese. Please browse our website, , and follow us on social media (links at the bottom of this email) for more information.

In Christ,

Fr. DeLacy
Rev. Stephen DeLacy
Vocation Director
Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Called by Name - November, 2018

The Called by Name program officially begins this month. Participating parishes will raiseawareness of vocations to the priesthood through homilies, music selections, and

prayers of the faithful.

Parishioners will be given cards to nominate men that have the qualities to be good, holy priests. These cards in turn will go to the parishes and eventually to the Vocation Office for further contact.

On January 6, 2019, there will be a number of Holy Hours for Vocationsheld at parishes across the Archdiocese. The times and locations of these will be provided with next month's newsletter.

Know someone you'd like to nominate to consider the priesthood? Click here to let us know!

Come and See Weekends:


'The Come and See Weekends have been a vital part of my discernment and decision to enter into the seminary. It really wasn't until I went on one of these weekends that I got atrue understanding of seminary life and seminarians in general.

Not only did I befriend seminarians and get to experience living "in-house," but I also had a great time. Some people may think that a weekend at the seminary is "boring," but it is far from that.

I suggest that, if given the chance, every young man attend one of these weekends. Even setting discernment aside, it is a great experience and you meet some great people.

You never know; if you are not called, you may know someone who would enjoy the experience and have a calling.'

Come and See Weekends come in two varieties: an overnight stay from Saturday into Sunday for high school men, and a Friday night to Sunday afternoon weekend for post-high school men.

  • High School C&S: Jan 25-26, 2020; Feb. 22-23 2020; Mar 14-15, 2020
  • Post-High School C&S: Jan. 17-19, 2020; Feb. 28-Mar 1, 2020; Apr 24-26, 2020

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Save the Date!

Save the date for these 2019 Vocation events!

  • Cassock Classic (Young Adults): April 25, 2020 - St. Charles Borromeo Seminary
  • BBVC (Middle School): April 4, 2020 - St. Charles Borromeo Seminary
  • Quo Vadis (High School): June 29-July 2, 2020 - Black Rock Retreat Center, Quarryville, PA
  • Catholic Scholars (High School): July 6-16, 2020 - St. Charles Borromeo Seminary