CYO Mission Statement

Varsity, Junior Varsity and Pee Wee / Intramural

It is the official policy of the Visitation BVM CYO that character building, not the number of victories is the primary goal of our athletic program. Coaches are to aid in the development of our children's physical potential, while at the same time refining their spiritual, social, and personal traits. While we want all of our teams to be competitive, we must first of all teach our children true sportsmanlike behavior. There is nothing wrong with wanting to win, it's needing to win that's futile.


  • The Visitation BVM CYO Program supports athletic activities from Kindergarten through the High School grades. Kindergarten through Fourth Grade is handled by our Pee-Wee Program. The purpose of our Pee-Wee Program is to introduce our young children to the concept of organized intramural athletics where they will be taught the fundamentals of the sport while at the same time learning the importance of fair play and good sportsmanship. Equal playing time is an expectation at this level.


  • The purpose of our Junior Varsity Athletic Program is to provide an opportunity for our 5th and 6th grade children to participate in a program that is one step above intramurals but not quite as competitive as the Varsity program. The emphasis at this stage is around learning and participation where our students should understand the importance of prioritizing their time between schoolwork and athletics, and the consequences that result when this does not occur.
  • The purpose of our Varsity Sports Program is to continue to improve the skill level and confidence of the players with more of an emphasis on winning. The coach will make every effort to play every player while taking into account the level of competition.