Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the VISITATION BVM CATHOLIC YOUTH ORGANIZATION of Trooper, Pennsylvania.


Section 1. The general purpose of this CYO is to help its members become ideal Catholics, loyal to God and Country, and a credit to their Church, their community and themselves. This help is provided through a varied program of Spiritual, Cultural, Social, Athletic and Service activities. Since the parish exists to sanctify its members through prayer and good example, all persons involved in the CYO are to provide good example of Catholic / Christian conduct.


Section 1. The membership of this organization shall be open to all registered parishioners of VISITATION BVM Parish.


Section 1. The PASTOR, appointed by the Archbishop of Philadelphia as chief shepherd of our parish, is responsible for all organizations and activities that take place in Visitation Parish or in the name of Visitation Parish and CYO.

Section 2. Appointed to our parish by the Archbishop of Philadelphia and delegated by the Pastor to this particular ministry here at Visitation, the PRIEST-MODERATORoversees all aspects, programs, activities, and events of the CYO Program. All members of the CYO Program -- young people, students, athletes, coaches and assistants, advisors and assistants, parents, and members of the Advisory Board -- are directly responsible and accountable to him. The Priest-Moderator casts the definitive vote in all decisions of the CYO Program.

Section 3. Appointed by the Priest Moderator, the CHIEF ADULT ADVISOR is the chief executive officer of the organization, responsible for the day-to-day operation of the CYO in the implementation of the five phases of the program. The Chief Adult Advisor directly supervises the Advisory Board and the activities of the CYO Program.

Section 4. Finding its model and purpose in the Parish Pastoral Council, the ADVISORY BOARD acts as a consultative body to the Priest-Moderator, who has full jurisdiction over all programs, activities, policies and decisions. The main roles of the Advisory Board are to express the needs and concerns of our young people and parents in the public forum of a monthly meeting and to propose the best courses of action for the full implementation of the five phases of the CYO program -- spiritual, service, cultural, athletic, and social.



Section 1. The Advisory Board shall be comprised of members holding the following positions:


Chief Adult Advisor

High School Advisor

Junior High School Advisor


Equipment Managers(2)


Budget Advisor

Ways and Means Chairperson

Director of Facilities

Recording Secretary

Director of Scheduling

Director of Publicity

Parent Representatives (3) 

Director of Service

Athletic Director

Varsity Sports Coordinator

Junior Varsity Sports Coordinator

Pee Wee Sports Coordinator

Grade School Principal (Ex-officio)

Immediate Past Chief Adult Advisor (Ex-officio -will serve a one-year term)



Section 1. Membership on the Advisory Board is comprised soley of  appointed positions.  Members are appointed to positions by the Priest Moderator in consultation with the Chief Adult Advisor.

Section 2. There are no term limits for any Advisory Board member positions. 

Section 3. The Priest Moderator, in consultation with the Chief Adult Advisor, may appoint members to the Advisory Board on an "ad hoc" basis.



Section 1. The organization shall meet monthly on a date determined by the Advisory Board or when a special meeting is necessary.



Section 1. Votes taken by the Advisory Board are seen as the official recommendation of the Advisory Board to the Priest Moderator, who may either accept or reject the recommendation of the Advisory Board. A vote of the Advisory Board takes effect with the approval of the Priest Moderator.

Section 2. The members of the Advisory Board each have one vote. Motions will be carried only when a quorum is present and a majority votes in favor. A quorum is defined as fifty percent of the board membership.

Section 3. The Chief Adult Advisor votes only in the event of a tie, or to affect a tie, so that further discussion can take place.



Section 1. All nominations must be submitted in writing to the Priest Moderator by the first Monday of April. The Priest Moderator appoints and chooses members to fill appointed positions from a list of approved applicants.

Section 2. All nominees will be approved by the Priest Moderator and the Pastor.



Section 1. Any member of the Advisory Board may motion for an amendment; it is to be submitted to the entire Board in writing.

Section 2. Any amendment to the By-Laws must be on the agenda of one Advisory Board meeting to be discussed by the Board and will be voted upon at the next meeting of the Advisory Board.

Section 3. All amendments must be passed by a 2/3 majority of the Advisory Board.



Section 1. Advisory Board members are expected to attend all meetings. If a Board member misses three consecutive meetings without a valid excuse or without sending a substitute, he / she will be removed from the Board.

Section 2. If a Board member has an excused absence, a report should be given to another Board member for submission at the meeting, if applicable.

Section 3. If a Board member is unable to attend a meeting, the Priest Moderator or the Chief Adult Advisor must be notified.



Section 1. Board meetings are chaired and controlled by the Priest Moderator and the Chief Adult Advisor. Conduct deemed inappropriate or unacceptable by either may result in the issuance of a warning or expulsion from the meeting. This applies to Advisory Board members as well as all persons in attendance.


 Amended December 12, 2011